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Cheryl Nicholas

A universal voice within calls out for our happiness. We stumble, stagger and trip through life reaching out for this elusive state. Why is it so difficult?

What is it?

This nebulous concept remains just out of our grasp because it is not tangible.

We must define it.

To name it is to claim it.

Brush aside the misty yearning and name, see, smell and feel what lies beneath.

Grab hold with passion and continue, with us, in the journey.....


Cheryl Nicholas

We can spend many days of our lives applying a variety of covers over the aches in our heart. Then, one day, the pain of the cover-up is greater than the pain of healing. At that moment, the Divine takes over and healing begins.

Never the Same

Barbara Mikan

Within all of us is a heart and spirit whirling like twin kaleidoscopes of becoming. Through change, pain, and growing - through laughter and tears. Finally, a human being stands, upright and whole.

Without My Mother

Denise Turney

No matter how far we go, the loss of one's mother is only a memory away. To face this truth is to learn to mother ourselves.

Becoming Me

Joyce Wakefield

It is said by some that pain is the touchstone of all growth. The journey through the pain of our truth finally yields peace, joy, and a desire to seek more, live more, and love more.

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