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Reflections Amid the Stardust


RoseMarie London

So fragile were the threads. Even after all of our thunder and lightning and after our having settled into the illusory rainbow of some kind of friable camaraderie, he still could not guess what it was I really wanted.

The Hook-Up

Tim Toterhi

I saw her at the bar. A wicked angel, sipping from a glass shorter than her legs, taller than her skirt. She was the kind of woman the average man believes he could never have.

A Friend of Convenience

Dawn E. Reno

The barn door rattled with the force of ten full-grown cows pushing against it. Helen waved madly at the herd as if they were a group of disobedient children who would understand she was on the phone and couldn't be interrupted.

Break-Up: A Short
Story About Fate

Sylvia McDonald

I'm three days past my sixth break up. I've now had more lovers than I can count on one hand. I'm depressed about this. I'm afraid of a future where I will resort to toes.

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