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Your Health Matters
by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D.

The Art Of Healing

When you're not feeling well, you think about going to the doctor. But which doctor? Many of us who do not have a regular physician may ask someone else if they know a good doctor. But how do you tell a good doctor from a mediocre one?

The Learning Curve
by Skip Blaeser

Stitches In Time

Is there something you've always wanted to learn to do? Bake bread? Make a quilt? Build a bookshelf? Don't assume that you've got to wait for the next adult education class to learn.

There You Are!
by Barbara Hampton

As I sat alone the night I found out I was going to be a grandmother, I recognized the Blanket I had put on when Kathryn died. The same layer that had protected me from ever feeling the pain had also been covering my joy.

Healing Ourselves: A Formal Feeling
by B. Gleed

We had just come over from the hospital where MJ had just undergone a strangely silent ultrasound. Fear confirmed is an odd thing. Emily Dickinson had it right when she wrote, "After great pain, a formal feeling comes".

by Thomas W. Shinder, M.D.

Why Does Your Computer Get Sick?

Your programs have been working well and then one day, BANG, suddenly they don't work anymore. Your computer is sick. What do you do?

ALIVE Online: Mistaken Identities
by Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Defining Ourselves In Cyberspace

Who among us has never yearned, at least momentarily, to be someone other than who we are? Cyberspace offers many opportunities to explore other personas, but with this new freedom also comes responsibility.

The Affirmative Action Dollhouse
by Rob Hill

Jane and I make a habit of turning playtime into learning time for our two-year-old daughter Emalee whenever we can. Shopping for Christmas presents has not just been a matter of simply buying toys for a kid; it was our annual social engineering project.

Modern Martyrs
by Christine L. Reed

In the rat race that we live in, it often seems that culture has become a luxury rather than an important basic ingredient of life. Art for its own sake is, sadly, appreciated only by artists. Why is this so and how can we change it?

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