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Ida Miro Kiss, Hungary

"Bright Afternoon Landscape"
Gregg Simpson

Two hundred years ago, when the regular postal services began, correspondence came into fashion. There were life-long friendships between people who rarely or even never saw each other. These relationships were precious for them. They paid much care to write in neat format, and find the right words - the envelopes traveled a long way, and there was no opportunity to correct a mistake, committed in an emotional flush. There were strict rules on who may write to whom. Tatyana, the lonely young girl in Pushkin`s poetic novel hurt the rule: a girl may not write to a man privately. "It is me who writes a letter to you - there is no more to say." - these are the first lines of her famous epistle.

It was obvious for the reader: the girl was so deeply in love, that she hurt the rules, that a maiden may not turn to a man first, and less in writing. "Word flies away, writing remains." A letter, written on paper, was a unique copy, an important document, within the context of a social group. Tatyana, the naive young girl turned into a woman, with full responsibility for her future, confessing her love in a letter. Correspondents in the virtual space bear no responsibility of any type. They appear and disappear from mailing lists, provoke "flame wars" and, when they feel uneasy, they simply unsubscribe.

The Internet provides us with the possibility of an infinite number of relationships, in a virtual society, without any real responsibility. Encounters lose importance. They are no more than buy-and-throw-away consumer goods. They are free from responsibilities. Are they free?

Ida Miro Kiss, clinical psychologist and journalist, was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1949. Today she lives in Berkenye, Hungary, with her husband and two children. Ida is associated with the Green Spider Communications Network in Hungary. Mikida@zpok.apc.org

Gregg Simpson was inspired from an early age by his parents, his father an award winning architect and his mother a professional concert soprano, to pursue artistic endeavors. Born in Ottawa, Canada, his works have been displayed throughout the world in university and public museums. His artwork appears also in touring exhibitions, art books, and cd roms. For many years he has performed as a jazz drummer and composer. Some other interests of his include symbolism in literature, archeology and the philosophical aspects of the occult.

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