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Susan Kramer

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Maintaining Personal Equanimity for Successful Living

Personal Equanimity -- the balance that allows us to bend without falling over in changing circumstances

As women, we are traveling through a unique time of transition in our personal lives and work history. Each of us is evolving individually, while concurrently expanding into new roles in society.

Whenever we -- men or women -- are in transition, we are traveling to an unfamiliar destination along an unfamiliar road. Our bodies, minds, and emotions are tuned to a higher pitch, drawing on our reserves -- to do what is unfamiliar takes a greater concentration of energy than just repeating habitual actions.  

Here are some ways we can educate or re-educate ourselves for all-over success in living (especially now, with our expanding roles in the world):


1) aerobic activity - a stronger heart beats slower under stress;

2) healthy eating;


3) Adopting positive attitudes - acting for the best resolve of a situation to retain peace of mind;

4) Practicing rhythmic breathing, deep relaxation, and introspection;


5) Showing care for others through action -- putting love into practice is uplifting!

During major transitions, keeping some familiar habits in our daily routine provides continuity and stability -- giving the road ahead a more stable base.

Traveling through transitions occurs more easily by carrying along baggage of familiar habits and activities

While educating or re-educating ourselves to be successful in the outside world we need to remember -- hold on to -- that which brings us true satisfaction: inner harmony and contentment. Even when life is full of turbulent events, we preserve our sense of contentment by aligning -- harmonizing -- with the directive of our conscience. The guidance of our conscience is the buoy that keeps us afloat in the tossing seas of life. When that unpredictable wave threatens to pull us under, we have the guidance of our conscience to hang onto.

True satisfaction, contentment maintained through life's turmoil by holding onto the life preserver of conscience consistently

For countless generations we, as women, have made our whole life around the home. This is actually to our advantage during this time of transition, because we have developed our ability to nurture. Now is the time to nurture ourselves by taking good care of our own physical, mental, and emotional needs -- then we are best fortified for our journey into and active, productive participation in the world. By nurturing others' creative ideas in society and at work, we provide a broader base of possible solutions. As ideas compound from the ideas preceding, each idea becomes a building block of the finished product. By logically and caringly bringing our ideas into, and encouraging others to bring their ideas into thought and form, we participate in the natural order of creative cooperation in the universe.

Thoughts - ideas energized
Creation - thoughts energized
Forms in creation - ideas in use

In Summary: Throughout most of history we have been caring for our families at home. Today, during this period of transition -- from being just at home to being at home and where our expanding roles are taking us -- we have the opportunity to use our well-developed quality of nurturing with our larger world family. And to maintain equanimity while out in the world, we can educate ourselves in the physical, mental, and emotional practices (listed at the beginning of this article) that maintain our optimal health. By following our conscience, and taking our nurturing qualities with us, we are then ready and prepared from within, to keep up to speed in our outer roles in society.

Success in life by educating ourselves in the ways to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Following our conscience, maintaining equanimity and contentment while becoming immersed in our expanding roles in society!

© Susan Kramer 1997

Born and raised alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Susan Kramer has pursued and excelled at careers as varied as classical ballet dance, teaching of academics through kinesiology, abstract color construction, and home design. Today she is the Graduate Program Director and the Head of Departmental Publications and Computer Support for the Department of Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. For the past 15 years she has been writing on the infinite expressions of consciousness -- to date exceeding 500 articles and essay/verse compilations.

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