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The Woman Crookback and the Way of the Sage

Sarah Whitworth

"The Woman Crookback and the Way of the Sage" is an old story or parable from an ancient Chinese text called the Chuang Tzu.

A Pocketful of Musings

Pat Fish

 Random, haphazard musings, thoughts, opinions, gossip, and wonderful wisdom: significance of names. . .private roads. . .cats and moles. . .thunderstorms and tree crowns. . .birdwatching near and far. . .watchful critters


Winifred Barton

Every season of the year has a magical tempo, inviting us to rejoice and dance with Spirit of the Season.

Living in Divine Grace: Gratitude and the Law of Increase

John Payne

The expression of gratitude provides the most rapid path towards experiencing a joyful life.

The Anarchistic Kid

B. S. Pyle

It would seem I am compelled to atone for my sins every Saturday.

Successful Living

Susan Kramer

Here are some ways we can educate or re-educate ourselves for allover success in living (especially now, with our expanding roles in the world).

The Face of Time

Youngblood Brasket

The face of time lies heavy in my hand. . . I can't imagine you wearing it . . .all those years like you did.

Quotations. . .Words of Wisdom

Cosmic quotations and affirmations. . .

Argentine Teachers Fast for Dignity

Dafne Sabnes Plou, Argentina

After one of these demonstrations was violently repressed, the National Teachers' Union decided that a group of teachers would start a protest fast . . .and the tent was set up.

The Life and Times of Goldie Brown. . .
The Bells at Tinsley Parish

Lee Smith

. . .the bells started ringing. . .for me! . . .it's born! . . .gone!

The One Thousand-One Nights of Jeltsin

Ida Miro Kiss, Hungary

. . .why women play a lesser role in decision-marking than men. . .Jeltsin. . .had to get through one thousand and one nights. . .

Letter to San Francisco -- Jim:
The Wicked Witch of the West Is Dead

John Bailey, England

The thought of her and her wonderful pies and her wicked command of her world in the West warmed me.

The Wall

Youngblood Brasket

Today I am cruising around on the Net visiting some Vietnam sites when I run across a link to the "Wall on the Web."

A Grinstead Grouping

Julie Grinstead

A collection of short stories: simple solutions. . .rock climbing. . .meditation. . .deep greens outside

Travels, Trips, Tours: Visiting with Vicki in San Miguel

Vicki Karno

San Miguel is sort of like Santa Fe in the 60s.

The Museum of Women is Women

Donna Carty

Part (of women's legacy) we must write, part we must conserve and preserve, and part can only be passed on one to one, voice to voice, hand to hand.

Tatyana E-mailing Anyegin. . .

Ida Mira Koos, Hungary

Correspondents in the virtual space bear no responsibility of any type.

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