A Grinstead Grouping


Julie Grinstead

"Mouse Playing Pool"
David Fontes

"Discovering Simple"

"Rock Climb"



Julie Grinstead has adventured high and low and come home to nest in Bloomington, Indiana, where she raises perennials and two boys, programs computers, hikes as much as possible, dabbles in grass roots environmental activism, and contradances every Wednesday. Through her writing, she examines those things which are painfully, joyfully, intimately personal, in hopes of finding something universal. She does not mince words or eat animals.

David Fontes has degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, but tossed all that aside to pursue a career in computer graphics. He is currently a web page designer, although he hopes to soon break into the 3D computer animation industry. He lives in central Pennsylvania with his girlfriend and a pet hermit crab.
Email: David Fontes His page: www.personal.psu.edu/users/d/e/def8/

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