Winifred Barton

"Small Pleasures" by Wassily Kandinsky

Affluence gives birth to its own nemesis: It gives rise to a generation of thinking people who, physical wants satisfied, heed an unconscious yearning for inner light, and love, peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. These build Citadels of Light in cyberspace.

Every season of the year has a magical tempo, inviting us to rejoice and dance with Spirit of the Season. Mankind translates the message into a colour coding, so that the different shadings of One Divine Love, can be broken into prismatic reflections. This helps our consciousness to better formulate an image of THE ONE LIGHT, THE GREAT SPIRIT OF LOVE, Our jolly "Ho! Ho! Ho! CREATOR. The Gates of The City open in response to ONE FLAWLESS MIRROR reflection: One Full Moon. (10.12.) Our Common Parent bids us join hearts and hands as we dance through the Stargate like happy children this Christmastide, in a symbiotic relationship with The Holy Ghost. As our Common Will to Good converges we can send a tidal wave of CHRIST MASS SPIRIT flooding over Planet Earth, making all things new, as "Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven" manifests in matter.

Genesis I was the "Schoolroom." The Lord of Light set the scene for an ultimate psychological disaster in an advanced society: He placed Man above Woman. This reflects GOD THE JOKER: First Card in the Tarot Deck/Book of Thoth. The last card in the deck is the UNIVERSE CARD. "Owning who you are takes nothing from nobody and gives everything to everybody." Jan Augustine.

Patriarchy goes hand in hand with planetary development. The Bible explains the necessity for our planetary update in Revelations 21-22 ... "And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold! the tabernacle of God is with men. And he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God. There shall be no more curse: but the Throne of God and of The Lamb shall be in it. and his servants shall serve him: And they shall see his face, and his name shall be in their foreheads," as pages suggest.

In the Matriarchal Age, our cosmological ancestors felt no separation from the galaxy during their brief periods of incarnation. Their cosmic Legacy of Light is reflected in earth mounds and ancient monuments. These bear witness. They join us now, as the CHRIST MASS, the COSMIC FAMILY of God and Man, walks through the veil of night, to share in the cosmic romance as reflected in the classic Christmas Pantomime.

During metamorphosis, the caterpillar has short term memory loss. Its growth cycle satiated, it forgets how to crawl and munch. The emergent butterfly spreads it wings, heads for nectar cups and quite forgets it was once a surface dwelling, crawling caterpillar set on a linear track. Metamorphosis is a complete recalibration of yesterday's mindspace.

Come on Sleeping Beauty; you can do it! Cinderella reflects the midnight mind transference of Gaia to Galaxia once the crystal slipper fits... what romance!

In the Great Pantomime of Life, we are both the audience and the players: The Feminine Principle of the Godhead (Shekinah: Sabbath) sings Her Pagan Love Song... "I was with him in heaven before the play began..." to reveal the secrets of the spheres.

The Cosmic Lovers divide for the purpose of multiplication of their kind. His is the responsibility for holding Cosmic Law inviolable. She is the Living Flame of love and life. Paganism and Religion, are separate circuits dividing mankind until we are all grown up. They embrace on this starry night of Bethlehem II.... first come The Shepherds - then The Kings.

The Spirit of the Times speaks of JOY BELLS RINGING at the Husbanding of Gaia. This is when Gaia takes on human consorts among those who have proven that they love Her dearly.

"And The Spirit and the Bride say COME. And let him that heareth say COME. And let him that is a thirst COME. And whosoever will let him take of the water of life freely...

Winifred Grace Barton, Ms. D., born in London, living in Ontario, Canada, is a World Citizen. A complete synopsis of her life-curriculum could wind through miles of cyberspace. Professor Barton is the author of more than 30 books, many TV scripts, and has made over 300 radio and TV shows, in Canada, the USA and around the world. In l967 Winifred founded the Bartonian Society. Its members are working to achieve global moral symmetry, and to foster the Universal Humanities. She is a Co-Founder of the World Council for Global Co-Operation, in company with Professor George Wald, Nobel Laureate, USA as the Chairman and Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa on the Board of Directors. As a member of the WCforGH "Distinguished Speaker's Gallery," Professor Barton has travelled to and lectured in Egypt, Israel, Greece, England, Europe, USA, and Canada. She has worked closely with native peoples committees on human rights and is an honourary member of the Crowfoot Native Peoples Band. Winifred was a nominee in l990 for the Manning Science Award as a result of her scientific discovery of the device known as the Cosmic Cube, which aligns electromagnetic force fields against the original grid or web of the planetary system. This breakthrough took thirty years of intensive thesis/antithesis to synchronize. She is the Canadian representative of the Planetary Peace Commission and the Co-Founder and Vice President of the United Nations Re-Genesis program, which is associated with former Ass't Dep. General of the UN. Dr. Robert Muller's Transformation 2000. In 1994 Chancellor Richard Schneider of the University of Global Education appointed Dr. Barton a Professor with the University, which broadcasts globally from their U.N. facilities. Meanwhile, her Cosmic Cube is building bridges between dimensions and facilitating synergism and finally fusion between dimensions, via the global electronic highway.

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