Musings from the Universe


Featured Poet: Kathleen Lynch


How to Build an Owl

Decide you must and then. . .


Chicken in the Snow

my concern for the chicken. . .all those flakes. . .So much good food.



You must change your life.



. . .we see ourselves as central. I want her to open her eyes. . .



The distance between shame and pride is so mutable we use both words for the same thing:. . She has no shame. She has no pride.



A woman reaches a point in her life: she finds herself on the porch with her feet up on a crate.


Guest Poets



Izabel Ganz

surfing. . .pearls


Lacrimae Lunae

Allen Plone

shards of lives and dreams un re membered. . .


Week-day Morning

Christine England

  . . .a new day beginning. . .do something extra with it!


Modus Operandi

Leigh Smith 

I will drop your name sparingly. . .write you every now and then. . .



Christopher Herold

  And after all, it's not sunsets for which I came. It's sunrise, here at the Morning of the World.

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