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MATRIARCH: An Iroquois Celebration of Womanhood

Loretta Kemsley

Soft, melodic strains flowing across the morning celebrate the dawn with Iroquois chants. . . Shenandoah dedicated each song to the women in her clan . . . if you aren't using the talent that's been given you by the Creator, and using it in a good, meaningful way. . .


Review by Anitra Freeman

This is not a book of statistics or a listing of case studies, and it's the farthest thing from a justification of the status quo.

A Grand Reluctance

Loretta Kemsley

Dread. . . Will I measure up?. . . I wanted to emulate Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Mead. . . Could we recapture that spirit with this new birth? Only if I could recapture myself.


Kristyn K. Rose

The lights still flash, but do we willingly pay the price?


Michelle R. Newsom

He thought I was a writer.

South Manitou Island Journal:
Weather Station Camp

Linda Rosenthal

I am learning the skill of backpacking without instruction or assistance.

My Mortal Enemy by Willa Cather

Reviewed by Anthony V. Toscano

Certain critics make much noise to describe this book as pessimistic. I think Myra simply wanted more, much more than Victoria's century allowed a passionate and articulate woman.

Pulling On Heart Strings

by Jacquelyn Brown

I have been playing the harp since 1990 and found the soothing, comforting and healing vibrations of the harp are personal therapy for me.

The Wheel of Life
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Elisabeth poignantly recalls her dreams and desires as a young girl growing up as one of a set of all girl triplets in Switzerland.



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