omets Across the Sky

Notorious Ladies of the Old West
Loretta Kemsley
Distinctions between plains women and prostitutes sometimes blurred
during this tumultuous time.

Chromosomes or Genitalia: Which Provides Our Sexual Identity?
Loretta Kemsley
What is the origin of gender identity? How do we know we are a girl? A
boy? And when do we know it?

Gender and the Power of Information Technologies
Loretta Kemsley
Access to information technology (IT) is far from equitable and rarely easy . . .

Pursuit of Beauty
Kim Vanover
Being a woman has its ups and downs. Like trying to make myself believe
I'm pretty.

Musings on Everyone's Favorite Topic
Quotes about people's thoughts on sexuality through the ages.

Chelsea Fischer
Berdaches can be found in many cultures around the world, and in many
American Indian cultures, as well. The term "berdache" is defined simply as homosexual,
but it actually describes a much more complex social role and gender
identity than is implied by this simplistic definition.

Poets For Sale, Cheap
Among the artists, you'll find a cluster of people who use words like colorful paint. In fact, you can even hire a published poet to pen a bit of verse in your honor for a very humble fee (we're talking humble: $2.50).

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