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or Causa do Mar. . . (Because of the Sea. . .)

Rosa Clement

No Beach Access, Maria Kazanskaya, Summer 1995


Ele vem nu do mar,
no seu corpo, um aceso desejo. . .
minha doce sensual visao
que nao canso de admirar. . .

E nessa praia sem fim,
como a brisa mansa e livre
o espero sabendo que ele
vem pensando em mim.

O vento que assobia,
vem tambem beijar meus seios,
e juntar-se aos murmurios
de nossa sinfonia.

He comes nude from the sea
and comes full of desire. . .
He's what I love to see,
what I want to admire.

The whole shore is inflamed
by the water that drips
from his body, whose salt
I'll soon feel on my lips.

When, impatient, he lies
with me searching the dunes
of my body, the sea
seems to speed its old tunes.

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