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osa Clement

Rosa Clement is a Brazilian poet from Manaus, Amazonas, in northern Brazil, the land of forests and rivers from where she gets inspiration for many of her poems. Rosa is married to an American who lives in Amazonia and together they have two girls. She has studied Computer Systems in Costa Rica and Hawaii, USA. She works at the National Research Institute for Amazonia, in Manaus, Brazil.

Rosa has loved poetry since she was a child, but she only started writing poems in 1993, after publishing her first essay entitled "Getting Old," in the "Diamond Journal," Kapiolani Community College/University of Hawaii.

Rosa writes poems in both Portuguese and English. Her first poem was published in the Ebbing Tide (Minnesota). Several of her poems have been accepted by Poetic Eloquence (Texas), where she was featured as the Poet Highlight for the Nov/Dec 1995 issue. She has published poems in The Lyric (Virginia), Lynx (California), and Green's Magazine (Saskatchewan). Two rengas in collaboration with Zane Parks were published in The Parnassus (Georgia) and Potpourri (Kansas). Recently, four of her poems were accepted by Guild's Press for inclusion in their 1997 anthology "Just Remember." Several of her poems, in both languages, are on pages on the Internet. An anthology in which she participated with several well known Amazonian poets is scheduled for publication sometime this year.


Na Ribera (On the River's Bank)

Flores Incandescentes (Incandescent Flowers)

Por Causa do Mar... (Because of the Sea...)


Sex With Love

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