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lores Incandescentes (Incandescent Flowers)

Rosa Clement

Roses in the Dusk, Maria Kazanskaya, Spring 1995


Como um rio ele molha as flores do meu vestido,
e em suas aguas me convida a mergulhar.
Meu corpo se aquece,
meus pensamentos se incendeiam,
ao seu doce susurrar. . .

Suas doces caricias sao ondas suaves
que embalam e fazem desabrochar
as flores molhadas do meu vestido,
que nessas aguas de rio,
logo se deixam levar. . .

Like a river, he wets
the flowers of my dress,
and in his waters invites me to dive.
My body warms,
my thoughts incandesce
with this river's murmurs. . .

His caresses come like gentle waves
that excite to blooming
the moistened flowers in my dress
that gently follow
the river streams. . .

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