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Intrigues, Scandal and Christianity
Loretta Kemsley

The definition of proper and virtuous sexuality continues to
be the topic of heated debate.

A Bisexual Identity Has Never Spread HIV
Lani Ka'ahumanu

Bisexuals were, and are, among those first and most severely affected by HIV/AIDS. But more than 15 years into what is now identified as a pandemic, there is still no comprehensive HIV education or prevention effort targeting bisexual people and fluid sexual behavior.

Danger in the Red Light District
Debra Littlejohn Shinder

"Statistics show that prostitutes are a favorite target of the most
mentally disturbed of all violent criminals: serial killers."

Sacred Prostitutes
Diana Rose Hartmann

Mention the Sacred Whore to most people and you'll get raised eyebrows or disgusted grimaces. Many of us believe that prostitution is all about money for street hookers, fame for Hollywood starlets, or security for suburban housewifes. Prophetic texts, rituals and icons are called sacred, even particular mountains or rivers are considered sacred, but whores?

Stripping Away the Beauty Myth
Siobahn Brooks

As the dancers at the Lusty Lady theaters in Seattle and San Francisco recently discovered, a women-managed strip club can be just as exploitative as any other kind of strip club. This is particularly true when it comes to the way dancers of color are treated.

Voices of Thai Women
Rangsima Limpisawas

A father of a young woman working in Japan, interviewed for the Foundation's study of trafficking in women, was matter-of-fact about his daughter's obligation. "The hardship is my daughter's problem," he said. "I'm not affected by it. It's all right by me. Besides, children have a duty to repay their parents. They must struggle, make a living and make some money. They are not supposed to be idle."

The Laws Have Changed
Stacy Peters-Walters
Long ago, female sexuality was celebrated and prostitution was
accepted. Then the laws and value systems changed; prostitution is now
stigmatized. Tell us what you think!

Kelly Fuller
I am writing this because we, as women, are not being informed about the
dangers of something most of us use -- tampons. I'm taking a class this month
and I have been learning a lot about biology and the woman, including much about feminine hygiene.
Recently we have learned that tampons are actually dangerous (for other reasons than TSS).

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