Coming Attractions!

"Women's virtue is man's greatest invention."

-- Cornelia Otis Skinner


Sex is power. Jed, an Israeli friend, wondered aloud why women don't seem
to know this. "Men will do anything for it: surrender kingdoms, give away
riches, hand over power. Men made up rules concerning sexual conduct
under the guise of religion, but the rules haven't got anything to do with
morality. They have to do with our own insatiable appetites. We say it
isn't fair to charge for sex, knowing full well we would spend our last
dime. These rules are made up by men for the benefit of men. I don't
understand why women don't just say, 'So what? Those are your rules, and
I'm not playing.'"

Why not, indeed? What would we change if we made the rules? What about
the way we dress? How about the action in the marriage bed? Would
prostitution be legal?

Our June issue will explore our sexuality in all its forms. We hope you
will join us to share these ideas and perhaps contribute some of you own.

Loretta Kemsley
Editor In Chief

Summer: June 1, 1997

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