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Featured Poet Christina-Marie
Being a poet has given me immeasurable rewards, friends, and journeys of mind, body, and spirit. It has given me a way to work at understanding and meaning. In many other careers we can skim over life without really touching it. I want to touch it deeply through living, transforming, and writing more poetry.
The Rainbow Trout
Cracking Rabbits
Hands of Cedar


A Gun of My Own
Loretta Kemsley
With crime on the rise, a gun in the home may be our best chance for survival.
No Guns Needed
Sue Marquette Poremba
Who are you more afraid of: a criminal with a gun or a homeowner, untrained in gun safety?


Talk to Me
Carol Borzyskowski

Skye watches the smoke curl up from Tony's cigarette. She should be glad he's back, right? That's what everyone's been saying all week: "Skye, aren't you glad he made it back? You're one of the lucky ones." Tony lies on the blacky vinyl couch in their darkened living room, his eyes open, staring at the ceiling, smoking and not talking. Not talking at all.

Drowning Hard
Debra Di Blasi

I once told Joey I wasn't as pretty as he wanted me to be, and he said: "It's the inside of you I care about." Well, I thought he was referring to my heart, its kindness and generosity, but what he really meant was my sex, its tightness and generosity.

Sara McAulay

I run a souped-up Pentium with worlds of RAM and the mother of all hard drives, and I can be on-line in less time than it takes to tell you how I do it. My screen is crayon blue, the cursor a sly grey wink: Come on, it beckons. Say more. Tell your story...

Coming to Terms
Jan Strever

You'd better do something before you crack, Maury told herself as she plodded out of the Safeway store with German sausage, red cabbage, sour cream, and two packs of Marlboro 100's, the only kind of cigarette she'd smoke. The gray sky and incessant rain weighed upon her like a winter coat.

Call it Caring
Susan Weston

When Jenny Adair got a small part in the fourth grade play, she attended every rehearsal and quickly memorized the entire script. While the other students horsed around, she sat quietly, cringing when they blew their lines and pressing the script against her chest.

A Journey
Deborah Shouse

My lover goes on a journey. I pack for him a quartz wrapped in silk, a bottle of Evian wrapped in my purple satin underwear, and a pear, not yet ripe. He kissed my eyelids.

on-Fiction Articles and Essays

Sex Ed
Lani S. Kraus
Ever explained an episiotomy or feminine hygiene protection to a four-year-old? Ever going to? If so, you might have a lot in common with this mother's experience.
Sacred Mothers
Stacy Peters-Walters
In Native American mythology, especially in the Oglala band, women play a central role in the creation of the people and their culture. To ancient Oglala, the woman's role as mother to the people was vital to the well-being of the clan.
You Can Grow Your Own Herbs
Melinda Reese
Growing your own herbs is both rewarding and relaxing. Reap the many benefits of fresh herbs by following these simple guidelines.
Sage, for Colour, Culinary, and Cures
Marjie Scharff
Butterflies love it. Deer don't nibble it. It's a great flavoring. It can even turn your gray hair brown. Learn all about the ever-popular herb, sage, including some very old and unusual uses.
Verbal Violence: When Words Wound
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Have you ever been wounded by words? I have, and most of you who are reading this probably have, too. As children, you might have recited the familiar rhyme: "Stcks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Even then, you probably sensed that it isn't true.


Safety Online
Loretta Kemsley

Sexual harassment in cyberspace is a growing problem. Learn how women are being assaulted, how to identify the attacker, and protect yourself before the problem becomes too dangerous.

Cybersecrets--How Safe Are Yours?
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
The computer has become a gateway to a world full of faceless friends with whom we share a peculiar bond of both intimacy and anonymity. It's an alluring combination, that may seduce us into revealing our darkest desires, our deepest fears, our unfulfilled fantasies. Just how wise is this?
Legal Briefs
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Thou shall not kill." In most cultures, taking the life of another is one of the most serious of all crimes, and punishment is severe. It is generally recognized, however, that there are legitimate exceptions to the rule.
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Much of the media treats the concept of "working women" as if it were a recent phenomenon. Perhaps the idea of pay and recognition comparable to that of men is a new one in many cultures, but performing tasks of equal or greater difficulty and importance is not.
Your Health Matters --The Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Thomas W. Shinder, M.D.
If you are one of those who suffer from fibromyalgia, you know the feelings all too well: pain which moves from joint to muscle to bone to back to head. It's not all in your head. This "unexplained pain" syndrome has been reported in almost every part of the world.




WHOA: Women Halting Online Abuse
Lynda L. Hinkle
Demographically, large numbers of women are a new thing to this community, and our pioneer voyage into the depths of cyberspace was not always met with welcome and support. Even as you read this, somewhere on this great communications network there is a woman being silenced by harassment and abuse.
An Officer And a Gentle Woman
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Had I not seen someone else do it first, I probably would never have entertained the notion that I, at thirty years of age, would or could become a police officer.
Staying Safe--Armed Or Not
Debra Littlejohn Shinder
What every woman needs to know before she is confronted with a violent encounter.
Painted Eggshell Ruth
Sara Greenwald
A woman's monologue of unrequited love, beautifully reflected in the Biblical story of Ruth.
Jarrin Kendall


The Artists

Patricia Mae Young

Patricia Mae Young captures the textures and nuances of the changing seasons and the natural world and harvests her work froma myriad of quiet, secret places and the richness of humankind.
Botanical Sentinels
The 4th-of-July Creek
Formal Gardens with Pool
Garden View, Hacienda
Lotus Blossom
Otavalo Market
Otavalo Woman
Rice Paddies With Ducks
Sawtooth Ghost Barn
Formal Shade Garden With Reflecting Pool
Sheepwagon In a Morning Storm
Sunrise In Pachling
Turbulent Equatorial Sky

Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm

Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm, Autrrian-born teacher and artist, enchants the eye with floral watercolors and landscapes, weaving both the ethereal and touchable aspects of beauty, harmony and nature.


Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia, artist and writer, brings together fire and compassion through her evocative work. "I strive to capture moments of deep emotion or power and record the energy of the images." Michelle is the new Non-Fiction Editor of Moondance.

Release, Release

Henri` Matisse

Henri` Matisse, one of the twentieth century's greatest artists, used vibrant color and texture to bring insight and individuality into his renderings of women and to show nature's wildness in overdrive.

le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life)
Two Figures Reclining In a Landscape
Notre-Dame un fin d'apres-midi (A Glimpse of Notre Dame In the Late Afternoon
Mme Matisse: Madras Rouge (The Red Madras Headress)


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