The Artists

Patricia Mae Young

Patricia's work can be viewed at Artnet:

Interested in art since childhood, Patricia Mae Young began taking art classes during high school , then continued at Carnegie-Mellon University. Two-years commercial art at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh prepared her for free-lance work as an interior designer and illustrator. She learned the "subtleties and sparenesses" of Chinese Brush Painting from local masters while living in Singapore. Now a full-time fine artist, she lives in Orange County, North Carolina, works in various media, and enjoys her travels. Patricia is a teacher with many shows and awards to her credit.

Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm

See Ingrid's work at: The Boardtown Gallery

Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm received her formal art training at Rockford College, Rockford, IL. Numerous one-woman and group shows in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin followed. Often called upon to teach, Ingrid demonstrates her style of work in public and private schools, private art clubs and other associations. Her work includes floral watercolors and landscapes in acrylics, both on location and at her studio. Returning twice a year to her homeland of Austria , Ingrid is fast becoming an esteemed naturalistic painter, with her work display in art shows throughout the country.

Michelle Garcia

See Michelle's work at Artview:

Michelle Garcia, artist,writer and native San Franciscan,, is the Non-Fiction Editor for Moondance and a contributing editor for Third Force Magazine. Of Mexican, Peruvian, and Filipina descent, she recieved her B.A. in fine art from Scripps College in Claremont, California. Now a studnet at Studio One in Oakland, she enjoys art classes such as like "Meditation and Art." "I strive to capture moments of deep emotion or power and record the energy of the images. Often I begin with a bare sketch, then step back and ask intuitive mind to guide me through the great mystery."

Henri Matisse

WebMuseum, Paris

Born at Cateau-Cambresis in the north of France, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) is called one of the twentieth century's greatest artists. Matisse studied law before discovering his talent for painting, studing, unofficially, at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His early work was more traditional. A leading member of the "Fauves"--the wild beasts--a group of avant-garde artists who used bright colors and turbulent brush strokes to compose their paintings, it was the turn of the century before he achieved his own style and voice. His most important works, including some incredibly rich portraits of women, were created between 1916 and 1930 . For his insightful represetnations of women, we honor him .

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