Comets Across the Sky

Song & Story

A Pocketful of Musings

Pat Fish

 Random, haphazard musings, thoughts, opinions, gossip, and wonderful wisdom. . .a porch and a porch swing. . .my day of reckoning. . .parenthood. . .the Chelsea Beach dog. . .gardens. . .after the thunderstorm

The Women of New Orleans

Ray Jones

Women have played important parts in history from the dawn of time.
In New Orleans, however, women seem to have played a greater role in ours than in many other parts of the New World.

Defining Who We Are

Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Living well truly IS the best revenge. . . one of the greatest gifts of aging, this broadened perspective that lets one pick and choose which battles need to be fought, and when and where and how and against whom.


Elizabeth Gee

Fitting in is a funny thing. . .assimilate, go within, become unique within mass majority, or. . .

A Visit from an Upset Lady

B. S. Pyle

Palpably distressed, and, foregoing any sort of greeting, she wasted no time in stating her mission. . .
"most of the problems in the world today are caused by testosterone!"

Quotations. . .Words of Wisdom

Cosmic quotations and affirmations. . .

The Springs of Writings

Mike Barker

a ramble. . .a bramble, a thicket of meaninglessness

Through the Eyes of Age

Youngblood Brasket

"An old woman," people think as they pass. Then I am gone from their consciousness.
I do not exist for them any more. Is that what it will be like after death, I wonder?

The Blacksmith's Dilemma

Kristyn K. Rose

"A suit of armor like this will send knights from every kingdom galloping to you!" Sir Gaelin rode proudly into the rising sun, clad in the grand suit. . ."Excuse me," the dragon's voice rumbled . . .

Woman in a Chair

David Ridgeway

. . .when she first appeared, I noticed. . And it went from there. Same places; same times...routine. . I'd think of her sometimes. . . Then, she rested. . .And she smiled as another man approached. . .

Annas in the Village

Ida Miro Kiss, Hungary

The others, the "came-and-will-go" people do not count, their names do not speak about the village. . . A common memorial site bears the name of those who disappeared in the war. . .Grandma-Annas prohibited their children to speak their mother tongue 

Hong Kong: Don't Believe the Guidebook

Vicki Rosenzweig

Free entertainment. . .oasis. . .artificial. . .odd curves shapes, staircases leading to odd views, unexpected room, and animal statues. . .

The Land of the Long White Cloud

Karen Langdon

Living in New Zealand is great ! . . .this creating your own realities really works !. . .
If it's something you have always wanted to do, then just do it. The rest will follow...

Computer Class

Ray Jones

There are lots of hoaxes on the internet. . .How can you identify them?

Suite 101

Dean Minamimaye

. . .This was the beginning of the web, more or less. . . Suite 101 is positioned to give users what they want, and that is very refreshing in these days of companies trying to "push" products on consumers.

Forerunner of Feminism

Wendy Broad

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. . . was among the first works that gave birth to modern feminism in the U.S.A. . . She not only asks for women's rights " to partake with him of the gift of reason" but also "demands justice for one-half of the human race. . .

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