Letters to the Editor

Subject:  Loretta Kemsley's "Mary, More Than a Virgin"
Loretta:  I am absolutely fascinated by your superb article, Mary, More Than a Virgin 
(Moondance, Volume 1 Number 1).   I am retiring from working for the Church after 
28 years as an organist/choir director, mostly in the Episcopal Church.  
While I am not turning my back completely on the Church,  I am doing what the first two 
paragraphs of your article describe-searching for new answers and new insights.  
I believe that the more women discover about who we really are,  the more problems 
the Church will have getting us to make it all happen, i.e. church activities, Sunday school,
potluck suppers, etc.   Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with your
mailing list and would like to subscribe when you begin that process.

Carol Manuel
Kindermusik School of Virginia Beach
September 14, 1996

Subject: Aloha

Still not sure how I bumped into you, but I'm celebrating with you now.  I'd love it 
if you visited my website and linked it. I'll visit yours again...and again. 
Mahalo, kj

Karen Jeffery, President
Pacific Island Investments:
Estates, Resorts, Islands and Opportunities throughout the Pacific
May 17, 1997

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Subject: Moondance

Hi. I just wanted to congratulate you on your magazine "Moondance."

When I first read that it was a magazine for women, by women, I was a little hesitant at first.
I have come across quite a few web sites as such, that have been blatantly and overtly 
feminist, the "wild women who hate men" type of feminists. And frankly, those sites 
scared me off. 

I am an ordinary, creative, married, mother of three, a homemaker all my life. But I 
consider myself a "demure feminist"-- I have some traditional values, regarding family 
and marriage, but I also have a daughter, and have always believed in striving for more 
of a balance regarding equality. So, in my heart, I am a feminist, even though my outer 
appearance and demeanor says otherwise.

Anyway, I just loved your magazine. It was very soothing -- even though some stories 
and poetry were sad, even disturbing -- it brought up emotions, and that is what
true art is all about. The artwork is beautiful, very serene and classic. All in all, 
I can't wait for the next issue to come out.

May 19, 1997

Subject: Moondance

Hello Moondance!
My compliments on your site. It is exceptionally clear and easy to navigate, 
minus a lot of the clutter than can make drifting around time-consuming and unsatisfying. 
I sent you as a hyperlink to a few friends. Another thing I like is that you seem to 
give the writers enough space to become three dimensional, it isn't a sort of assembly
line approach which is a huge asset.  Sometimes when I am reading (traditional) magazines 
I want to know more than the blurb at the end, and your site certainly provides that. I 
think that is the strength of the internet - this freedom to really develop things in 
depth without having to worry about spacial constraints and escalating printing costs.

Holly Chmil  
Mulberry Poets & Writers Association
May 19, 1997

Editor's Note: Please also see the article Poets for Sale, Cheap in our Summer 1997
issue's Short Subjects, about an exciting project for poets and writers with which
Ms. Chmil is involved!

Subject: Guns articles: a quibble

Umm...that should be "Violence Begets [not begats!] Violence."

I normally don't send nitpicky emails to web sites, but this one is otherwise so 
literate & well done, it was a shame to find such an error.

Keep up the good work.

Francine Krasowska
May 28, 1997

Editor's Note:  Thank you for pointing out the error!  Try as we might, 
every now and again a mistake does slip past our defenses.  We appreciate you calling 
it to our attention!

Subject: Scientific Bias

This letter is in response to the Sex & Power opinion piece by Eva Way Konigsberg. 
I found this article profound and eye opening.  I am a 22-year-old female completing 
my last three credits for my B.A. in English at George Mason University.  This elective 
course I'm taking "Social Psychology" has the required book titled "Social Psychology" by 
David Myers.  This book is supposed to be one of the top five books out in the field of 
social psychology education.  

In any case, in the middle of reading chapter 13: "Attraction and Intimacy" I came across
 an interesting "scientific" find:

        Consistent with men's historically having great social power,
        people judge women more attractive if they have "baby-faced"
        features, such as large eyes, that suggest nondominance
        (Cunningham, 1986; Keating, 1985).  Men seem more attractive when
        their faces-and their behaviors-suggest maturity and dominance
        (Sadalla & others, 1987)...Psychologist working from the
        evolutionary perspective explain these gender differences in terms
        of reproductive strategy.  They assume that evolution predisposes
        men to favor female features that imply youth and health-and
        therefore good reproductive potential....David Buss (1989)
        believes [this] explaines why the males he studied in 37 
        cultures-from Australia to Zambia-did indeed prefer female
        characteristics that signify reproductive capacity.  And it
        explains why physically attractive females tend to marry
        high-status males...(Myers, David G., "Social Psychology" 5th 
      Edition, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., New York, 1996, page 490.)

I smell some scientific biases here.  What do you think?  

Heather Todd
July 17, 1997

Editor's Note:  Ms. Todd brings up an fascinating point!  Please give us your ideas
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those letters coming!

Subject: Moondance and Cosmic Connections

Took a look at your website.  It is one of the best websites we have browsed.  
Mature, articulate, educational, sensible, respectable, beautiful layout.  To say the
least we are greatly impressed.  We went into Cosmic Connections.  Beautiful.  Sent them 
my website for linking up.  

July 23, 1997

Subject: Moondance website

I just want you to know that the Moondance website is the most soothing site I
have ever visited.  I will be back.

Clarice Cady
July 23,  1997

Subject: Moondance site

I want to let you know that I love Moondance.  I try to stop by at
least once a month to refresh myself and enjoy the tremendous creativity
of everybody included.  I was pleased to nominate you for the Peace Rose
award.  Kim wrote back to me amazed at Moondance's beauty. 

July 25,1997

Editor's Note:  The Peace Rose Award is a great honor for Moondance and one that 
we certainly cherish.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to Heather for so kindly nominating us!