'Children on the Seashore' by Pierre Auguste Renoir


I stood and watched you sleeping
for nearly five minutes before
I dropped your purse on the chair
and slipped quietly
out the door.
Please lock your door tonight.

I spent the last few days
wondering if he came back
for you, finding you alone
my big sister duties abandoned
just long enough
for him to really hurt you--
it just takes one time.
Why didn't you call me this morning?

I can't play everyone's mother
I'm stretched too thin as it is
I can't sleep for worrying
about you, little girl--
nobody is going to come
when you scream.
Please tell me you lock your door now.
Please tell me
you're all right.


Holly Day's poetry and prose have appeared in over 800 electronic and print publications internationally, including The Northport Journal, The Long Islander, and Black Moon. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her son, Wolfegang Alexander Day, and their cat, Calypso.

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