a Justin, Jacob, or Jesse to cliche me in my dotage

Moon # 1349 - Fractal Art by Don Archer

sometime after thirty, soon, way too damn soon,
when my tits go south like tardy ducks and
the crease where I laugh too often
leeches deeper into my cheek
when my tangly hair becomes
too much for knotty fingers
and I chop it into a midlife bob
when my ass grows wider,
flatter than a flattering cut of denim
and it becomes too much
to bend and shave my legs
I will take a cowboy lover
named maybe Justin or Jacob or
Jesse because I like the way the J
clamps between my teeth
the way I will clamp this young man
between my teeth
because his name will be young
and his body will be young
and he will think me handsome
in my maturity. then I will paint
my fingernails red and my toenails red
and smoke as much as I want and sleep in something
comfortable because I will be after thirty, with a
young cowboy lover named Justin or Jacob or Jeremy,
and I'll already have done everything else


Renay is a graphic designer and a Gemini, neither of which impresses anyone. She currently lives in Southern New Mexico, although, her heart belongs to the northern half of the state. She looks really good in red.

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