growing into my toes

Moon # 1344 - Fractal Art by Don Archer

I am waiting on the porch
of a house that isn't mine
for a woman I might be
related to. we have the same
toes, except mine are
presently painted a vile shade
of magenta

she is inside pulling yarn
from an afghan. I want
to go in, yell at her stop
unraveling things and
rewinding them again around
pieces of shoebox cardboard
cut square and solid as

but I don't go inside. instead
I wait out here for her to
finish unwinding. soon
she will come back out
maybe yelling go away,
get off her porch, leave
her alone. maybe she
won't know me

or maybe she will sit
beside me on the swing.
if so I'll kick off my shoes
and show her that, except
for the polish, our toes
are the same

(appeared in They Drivem Pickup Trucks, They Shootem Shotgun -- Renay's chapbook, published by A Small Garlic Press, 1996)

Renay is a graphic designer and a Gemini, neither of which impresses anyone. She currently lives in Southern New Mexico, although, her heart belongs to the northern half of the state. She looks really good in red.

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