she mimes me
at the mirror
pulls crinkly lips
to yellow toothed smile
at my fear
no mercy from the crone
she spent herself on
spice perfume and
arrogant men
when I crave a lover
she jabs rabid hands
between my thighs
cackles our lust
then sleeps
little comfort
beside me
tattooed freak show old woman
pokes scaly broomstick legs
in my stockings
bony arms in my dresses
mocks me with her
scrawny ass, her pleated tits
she harps on the lovers
I never gave her
black lung bitches
her loneliness
keens for wilder days
hungry hands
one more man

Renay is a graphic designer and a Gemini, neither of which impresses anyone. She currently lives in Southern New Mexico, although, her heart belongs to the northern half of the state. She looks really good in red.

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