The Animal-Women


'Montage Update' by Robert B. Faust

The animal-women, hair falling 

across their shoulders like night

at winter solstice, are looking

at me. They see what I eat, the rice

and meat dipped from the bowl,

some kind of wild meat perhaps

the animal-women know. They say,

Look, she eats what we eat.

Maybe the owl will tell them 

after I have gone--if I go--that

this is not my native food 

but eating it is good.

The animal-women rustle when

they pass, leave no footprints, 

and they are gone sudden

as solstice nightfall.


Kathleen Jesme is a free-lance instructional writer and training consultant. She lives and works on a small tree farm near St. Paul, Minnesota, probably attempting to recreate the woods of Northern Minnesota where she grew up. She has had poems published in several regional small presses, and is a recipient of the 1997 Loft Mentor Series Award.