Comments Upon the Cosmos


Creativity. Women. Aging.

An introduction by Alex Uttermann

Women & Creativity (& Aging)

Robert Kelly

To be creative is to listen hard. . .Do (women) listen harder as they get older? . . .Aging is creative, in one sense. . .In white western society, . . .we have been provided with only four post-Mediterranean paradigms for how to be a woman: Eve. Lilith. Miriam. Sappho.

Creativity and (Crone) the Wisewoman

By Phyllis L. Mayfield

. . .I don't have to follow anyone else's rules for an old person. . .the key to creativity is freedom. . .if you want to be called crone, OK . . .No one asked me.

Letter to a Friend in Prison

Nick Herbert

I saw God last week. In fact, She hugged me.

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