A Kaleidoscope of Life



Kristyn K. Rose

Each of these stories is a portrait of valiant women. "Legacy" tells of two women, whose lives are literally studies in contrast. However, their experiences combined in one grandchild and continue to live through her. "Afternoon of the Pan" is based on a true event -- one moment in one day of the life of the author's mother.

Caring for the Caregiver: Knowing Your Limits

Joanne Reid

The onset of dementia can be so gradual. . .

the impact on the caregiver can be tremendous.


 Transcribed by Pax Nidorf, Ph.D.

 The wisdom is taken and transliterated from the ancient Christian mystics and applied to modern times.

Circles of Life: Motherhood and Reviewing Reality

Joanne Reid

There is no way to undo the undoable. . . I will tell her that my harsh words, just as Mom's words to me, were based in love.


An Iroquois Celebration of Womanhood

Loretta Kemsley

Soft, melodic strains flowing across the morning celebrate the dawn with Iroquois chants. . .
Shenandoah dedicated each song to the women in her clan . . .
if you aren't using the talent that's been given you by the Creator, and using it in a good, meaningful way. . .

The Colorful World of Jacques Cousteau

Joanne Reid

Cousteau poured his entire being into living his life to the fullest until the very end. . .his life was not without its complications. . . Cousteau may be gone but he left a legacy. . .

Crone: Empowered, Wise, Self-defined

Bayla Bower, Crone

Crone consciousness is on the rise. . .

We will not become invisible, trivialized, or shamed by a society obsessed with youth and terrified of aging.

A Multi-hued Artiste

Vasumathi Badrinathan

With all zeal and devotion, she has made herself proficient in two of India's finest cultural strongholds:

Classical Music - Carnatic Vocal, and Classical Dance - Bharata Natyam.

Some Thoughts About Older Women and Sex

Victoria Smith

". . .More confidence, more experience, more comfort with myself and my body."

"Older women have generally learned to love their bodies. . ."

"Older women know what they want. . ."

 Muriel McQueen Fergusson:

A Study in Strength

Joanne Reid

. . .one of the first women to be called to the Canadian Senate. . .the first woman speaker of the Senate. . . .the genders operate in different manners; she was fortunate enough to have a window on both worlds.

A Grand Reluctance

Loretta Kemsley

Dread. . . Will I measure up?. . . I wanted to emulate Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Mead. . . Could we recapture that spirit with this new birth? Only if I could recapture myself.


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