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Gusto Glyph

Artwork: Gusto Glyph by Helen Redman

Thoughts Of A Backward Flying Duck Landing At A Biologist's Study Area

Beverley Peden

I can tell by the sound
At the local duck pound
That they've put out the grain once again.
It amazes me still
That they get such a thrill
From watching this plain little hen.

They think I'm quite odd
When I land on their sod
With my tail ahead of my beak.
And they scurry to hide,
I note with great pride,
To catch a wee little peek.

They'd bust if they knew
How I tried and construed
To develop my different approach.
There is none to compare
As I land from the air
Like a footman just leaving his coach.

I got tired, you see,
Of the same drudgery
Of being like orthodox ducks.
So I thought I would try
Some new ways to fly
And develop some interesting clucks.

I can tell by their look
And that net on that hook
That they'll try to catch little ol' me.
So I'll take a low bow
And quickly leave now
Or I'll end up one more researchee.

To bad they can't see
That if they catch me
They'll destroy my developing tail.
I'm one of a kind,
So, if you don't mind,
I'll go find a compatible male.

(Previously published in Canadian Wildlife Sept. 1974, Vol 32, No. 3, originally under the name of Beverley Chipping.)

Artwork: Gusto Glyph by Helen Redman

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