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Thoughts Of A Backward Flying Duck Landing At A Biologist's Study Area
Beverley Peden
Donna Cross
Crescent Moon
Marguerite Floyd
untitled (my mother is an indictment...)
Akua Lezli Hope

Comments Upon The Cosmos


"My" Audience
Martha Shockey

Reflections Amid The Stardust


The Phone Room
Cynthia Collett
Adrianne Mondello

A Kaleidoscope Of Life


Shootout Before Dawn
Marguerite Floyd
Thoughts On Ethnicity
Jarrin Kendall
Paradise Lost: Journey to Beirut
Terrie I. Murray
Tapestry of Change
Beverley Peden
On Being Your Own Child at Disneyland
Kristyn K. Rose
The Voices of Prostitution
Dr. Martha L. Shockey

Comets Across The Sky


Quotable Women
Compiled by Donna Cross
Ageless Night
Loretta Kemsley
The Miracle of Art
Sue Marquette Poremba
Book Review
Linda Hampton Schiffer

Across The Spectrum


Art by Beverley Peden:

Woman of Kenya
Two Young Women of Kenya

Art by Helen Redman:

The War At Home
Gusto Glyph
Cosmic Dance
Story Bones
The Change
My World Eye
The Other Side of Birth
Singing the Bones
Forms of Telling

Cosmic Connections

... to the world's wisdom.

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