Musings From The Universe

Artwork: The Loss of Eurydice by Elsie Russell.


Jayne Offenbacker


     Paper lanterns, drops of blood.
     Child on skinned knees
     says a rosary.

          Lined pages fill her book.
          Words spill over the edges
          of tiny lines. A girl's diary
          holds a life. Into the night,
          she strains to see.
          Scribbles blue secrets,
          twists the brass key.

               In the next room,
               her mother scrubs floors,
               washes dishes, mends clothes.
               Sobs seep through thin walls.
               A broken glass. Slapped face.
               A man bleeds a woman dry, yet
               keeps smiling, shoves in his mouth
               the next bite of supper.

                    A trembling voice
                    whispers "Goodnight."
                    Bleeding fingers
                    tuck tattered quilt
                    under her child's chin.
                    Twisted tissue blots red tears.
                    A child watches her mother
                    and learns how to cry.

                         Salt tears
                         furrow her stone face.
                         To travel this terrain
                         would take lifetimes.

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Artwork: The Loss of Eurydice by Elsie Russell.

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