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Artwork: Bolae

A Different Drum

Akua Lezli Hope

      A Different Drum

               My nieces grow knowing

               dreams I did not see:

               muscled women making music's

               heart thump, flutter, leap

               Women's hands on skin, strong and free

               calling rhythm from conga, drawing soul's heat.

               Women on those park benches, in the maestro's seat

               summoning the crowd to dance, playing the street

               with skill aye!, grace and deft assurance

               Twice reclaiming our role in tympani

               No alien mallets hammering our history

               Recreate in play the old new ways

               with dundun, aguche, agogo, shekere,

                            o mamas, do it again,

               tambourine, bafoko, tama, djeme,

                            woman hands on membrane,

               woman hands on skin.

                                  Bafoko -   calabash with skin
                                  Tama -     "talking" drum
                                  Djeme -    goatskin head worn hanging from
                                                    shoulder with open bottom
                                  Shekere -   gourd with shells or beads


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